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Q&A with the Katherine of Carpenchia Cast!

Hello, everybody! My name's Isabelle Palmer, and today I'll be bringing you a very special treat - a Q&A with the cast of Katherine of Carpenchia! First, let's meet the cast.

Hey! My name's Felicity Merriman, and I play Katherine.

I'm Kirsten Larson, and I play her servant, Elsie.

Hi! I'm Caroline Abbott, and I play Celine, Katherine's best friend.

I'm Kanani Akina *flips hair* and I play Caihanna!

And my name's Rebecca Rubin, and I play the epic villain Lady Marella.

Okay! First, we'll ask some questions from our studios, and then we'll ask a few submitted by the audience. As I ask questions, cast members can feel free to jump in whenever they have an answer! My first question is: Were you happy with the part you got? Why or why not?

Um, are you freaking KIDDING ME?!?! Lady Marella is EPIC!! She's totally evil and self-serving and I LOVE it.

I was actually hoping for Katherine or Celine, but I guess there's always next time.

Do you have anything in common with your characters? If so, what?

Elsie and I are both pretty quiet on the outside, but energetic when you get to know us.

I think both Katherine and I can be pretty stubborn sometimes.

This next question is for Felicity and Rebecca. In real life, you two are actually related - fraternal twins! And you're best friends. What was it like being mortal enemies on the show? And did it test your relationship as siblings?

No, no, not at all! It was actually really fun to work with Rebecca that way. 

Yeah, we hung out a lot backstage. And I totally kicked your butt in that sword fight, by the way.

Did not! Oh my god, Rebecca, you literally died. I totally won.

For the whole cast - let's talk about ships. Do you have any?

I've actually been a really huge Kaline (Celine + Katherine) shipper from the beginning. I think they'd be super cute as a couple!

I kinda ship Elsie and Caihanna.

Wait, so nobody ships Lady Marella with anyone? Wow, guys, I'm really feeling the love over here, thanks.

These next few questions are from our audience. The first one is: What was your favorite episode and why?

I loved the finale. The sword fight was really fun, and I think the lessons Katherine learned at the end are really important and valuable. 

Is there going to be another season?

Maybe! But mom's currently tossing around ideas for a different series, including magic spells and monsters from another dimension. We don't know for sure if it will happen, but if it does it probably wouldn't be out for a while.

This one's for Rebecca - how did it feel to be the evil character? What sort of fun things did you get to do?

I literally got to bully my siblings without getting in trouble, which was great. And I really love being the villain - it's super fun, and Lady Marella is such a complex character.

And finally - if there is another season, what would you like to see happen with your characters?

I'd love to see Lady Marella make an epic, evil comeback. And have more screen time. For all the impact she had in the series, she literally showed up three times and only had lines in two episodes.

I would love to see more development of Caihanna's backstory. I mean, we know she was a street thief in Marigo, but not that many details about it. I'd like to see her past come back to haunt her or something.

Well, that's all the time we have! Thank you for tuning in to this Q&A, and I hope to see you in the next post!


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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Favorite AGTube Videos ~ February 2016

Hey, young bloods!

AGTube came out with many amazing new videos this month. Here are a few of my favorites :)

1. Opening GOTY 2016 || Lea Clark by ilovesabie

LEAAAA AHHHHH. I absolutely LOVE opening videos, and Lea is just so pretty guys halp.

2. Pixie Place (episode 1 season 1) by agbrownies

*SQUEALS* FANTASY YESSSSSS. And I love the idea of a school of fairies! Can't wait for the next episode to come out :)

3. How To Make Drinks For Your American Girl Doll by agoverseasfan

THESE LOOK SO YUMMY OH MY GOSH. Plus, they're super easy to craft! I know my Samantha would definitely enjoy either of the smoothies demo'd in the video ;)

4. Check Mate - AGPS by BlossomAG

These photos are all so gorgeous! The scenery is just so lovely.

5. Meet Alice! AGPS by DarlingDollies

Once again, awesome photography! And 48 is such a beautiful doll :)

Well, that's all for today! What are your favorite AGTube channels? Comment below, I'm always looking for new ones to try. :)

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Monday, February 22, 2016

Katherine of Carpenchia: Episode 9 (Season Finale!)

Katherine's limbs felt cold and shaky. Inhaling deeply, she futilely attempted to calm herself.

"Those scumbags," whispered Elsie. "We'll show them what for, won't we, my Queen?"

Katherine nodded slowly, trying desperately to focus on the fact that people needed her. Her people, who were her responsibility. She prayed that would give her strength. Nerves almost shaking, she raised her mother's old rapier and shouted, "Onward!"

The blue-coated Carpenchian soldiers behind her erupted into a frenzy of yells and shrieks and charged up the ridge behind her.

Elsie only got a quick look at Lady Marella's baffled face before she was shoved into the ground.

Her head smacked the ground, and black spots spread throughout her vision. Gasping against the cold hands wrapping around her throat, she flailed her limbs as she tried to get up.

"ELSIE!" shrieked Caihanna.

She gave the assassin a sound kick in the ribs.

The woman's foot kicked Caihanna's legs out from under her. Shrieking, Caihanna fell onto her back and rolled slightly down the hill.

Suddenly, the assassin was kicked in the head by a pink-shod foot. She gasped and recoiled, and Elsie wriggled out of her grasp and stood up gasping.

"Huh," said Celine, adjusting her curls. "That was easier than it looks."

Meanwhile, Katherine stood, a ball of soul-consuming rage, facing Lady Marella. "You traitor," she hissed. "You will pay for the crimes you committed against myself, my mother, my country!"

"Oh, darling," said Lady Marella, her voice smooth and sweet as honey. "I was only looking out for Carpenchia. Did you honestly think the country could survive with you at the helm? Under Avaldor's protection, your precious lands would be safe."

Katherine's eyes flashed, and she tightened her sweaty hands around her sword. "You never had my country's best interests at heart," she hissed. "Stop pretending; you're wasting my valuable time. I will  make you pay for what you did."

"Awwww," said Lady Marella. "Are you going fight me? Well, if you're set on it, we'd better get it over with and make sure this doesn't take too long - I wouldn't want the girl queen to stay up past her bedtime."

Katherine shrieked and lunged forward. Their swords clashed.

Lady Marella deftly handled her sword, easily backing Katherine down the ridge. "Did you honestly think you could defeat me? Silly, silly girl. Quit while you still can, and I'll let you live."

Katherine was about to reply, but her foot landed on an acorn.

Shrieking, she fell to the ground. Her sword flew out of her grasp.

Lady Marella smiled as she leaned over her. "Tut-tut," she said. "Silly, silly girl, always disrespecting her-"

Katherine kicked her foot upward.

An unearthly scream sounded from Lady Marella's mouth, and she toppled backwards over the ridge, landing on her back with her neck skewed at a horribly unnatural angle.

Katherine sat up slowly. Her head felt like it had been used as a batting-ball, and her arms could barely support her. She looked at her mother's sword lying several feet away.

It hit her. Several feet away. Not here, not in her hand when she had defeated Lady Marella. It had been no help in the end - only a sign of the leader she attempted to be, not of the leader she was. A great ruler with prowess in battle and total control over her court - that was what she'd been striving to be, what she had perceived her mother as. But perhaps she'd been going about this the wrong way the whole time. Perhaps it was not being the same leader as her mother that was important - but being an effective leader. Walking beside her mother's footsteps, but still making her own. 

Elsie, Caihanna, and Celine came running up. Their skin was dirty, and Elsie had a few bloody spots and bruises around her throat. But they were all right. Katherine breathed the biggest sigh of relief she ever had. Her friends were all right.

Around them, the Avaldorian army fled.

Katherine looked at her mother's sword, then stood up shakily and walked over to pick it up. She handed it to Celine. "Lady Marella is gone," she said. "This, my mother's sword, will be hung up by her portrait in the Queen's Hall. I will forge my own."

Celine took the sword reverently and gave her friend a worried look. "Katherine, are you all right?"

"Yes," replied Katherine, her voice getting stronger and stronger as she went on. "For I am not my mother. Nor am I any of the queens who came before her. I am simply me, which I will try to be to the best of my ability - Katherine of Carpenchia."



What did you guys think??

ALSO - an interview with the cast will be up soon. Are there any specific questions you would like to be asked?

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