About the Dolls

(All pics on this page are mine.)

Samantha is the "mom" figure of the family. She enjoys such things as reading and classical music, but she also is a typical teenager who likes celebrities, Starbucks, and fashion. She and Mia don't......er.....get along........very.....well.
Full Name: Samantha Kasseigh Parkington
Age: 14
Likes: Cody Simpson, classical music, Starbucks, and reading on a rainy day.
Dislikes: Mia, when people don't listen, when people aren't responsible, and when people diss Cody Simpson.

Mia is the prankster, tomboy, and trouble maker of the family. She's one of the youngest, but hates when people (i.e. Samantha) try to order her around. Therefore Samantha is the victim of most of her pranks, and, well.......you can guess how that goes.
Oh, and did I mention she's a total sci-fi geek?
Full Name: Mia Narcissa St. Clair
Age: 10
Likes: Sneakers, jeans, pranks, the color green, Star Trek, Dr. Who, and slushies.
Dislikes: School, Samantha, pink, dresses, skirts, and frills/ruffles.

Kirsten is a little bit of a mini me. She is totally, 100% obsessed with anything fantasy, and is also really nerdy, smart, and quiet. She does get really excited and open when you get to know her, though. Her best friend is Cecile.
Full Name: Kirsten Tauriel Larson
Age: 12
Likes: Tolkien, Dungeons and Dragons, playing pretend, and pasta.
Dislikes: Bossy people, lazy people, lame rp names, and when pens won't write properly.

Felicity is fraternal - i.e., not identical - twins (and also best friends) with Rebecca. She is the quirky, crazy one of the family, but she is also very smart - a straight A student - which most people don't see. She loves fashion, too, and upcycles old clothes into new ones. She is openly bi.
Full Name: Felicity Kate Merriman
Age: 13
Likes: Fashion, getting great grades, being twins, Pinterest, Connor Franta, AmazingPhil, and Owl City.
Dislikes: Being clumsy, disorganization, when people are immature, and bullies.

Rebecca is Felicity's best friend and fraternal twin. She is often there to keep Felicity from doing stupid things. She describes herself as 50% sarcasm, 50% Wired Magazine, 50% video games, and 100% awesomeness. She's openly gay and currently in a relationship.
Full Name: Rebecca Rowan Rubin
Age: 13
Likes: Wired Magazine, burgers, extreme sports, sarcasm, Sherlock, All Time Low, danisnotonfire, and video games.
Dislikes: Fruit juice, over-the-top frills, and drama queens.

Jane (a TM #29) is the drama queen of the family. She turns everything into a "tragedy" - from not being able to pick out a shirt to wear to being served soup in the wrong-sized bowl. She also is a total girly girl/fashionista, and loves everything in pink. She never goes anywhere without her phone. She is an "aspiring" cheerleader and ballerina - i.e., she fails miserably at them.
Full Name: Jane Lyssa Applewhite
Age: 11
Likes: Fashion, pink, attention, makeup, Zoella, One Direction, and her phone.
Dislikes: People who ignore her, golf, not being able to choose what to wear, brainteasers, and someone else being more popular than she is (which isn't hard).

Julie is perhaps the only "normal" one in the family. She is practical yet fun and does volleyball, cross country, and track. However, she is not a tomboy - she likes fashion and often pairs dresses with sweaters and jackets.
Full Name: Julie Elizabeth Albright
Age: 10
Likes: The Beatles, bright colors, blazers, Niomi Smart, sports, and ponytails.
Dislikes: Messy lockers, One Direction, and bad sports.

Kanani adores acting and playing soccer, and she hopes to become a professional actress one day. She can be a little over-dramatic.......but not nearly as much as Jane.
Full Name: Kanani Éowyn Akina
Age: 12
Likes: Photography, Aspen Heights (Callivia forever!), Just Dance, and having lots of toppings on her ice cream.
Dislikes: Spinach, when technology doesn't work, trying really hard at something and then failing, and sitting still.

Cecile is......interesting. She is a witch (yes, an actual witch with an actual wand and actual ability) and can be quite sarcastic and cynical at times, yet she is a very fun person and a supportive friend. She is best friends with Kirsten.
Full Name: Cecile Amelie Rey
Age: 11
Likes: Froyo, game shows, sidewalk cafes, My Chemical Romance, and peppermint.
Dislikes: Not being able to get a spell right, sweet potatoes, egg salad, and cheesy movies.

Kit is the youngest in the family, but she is very smart for her age. She spends her time thinking of inventions and then writing them down. She wants to be an inventor when she grows up. However, she also is a little kid most of the time and likes playing ponies and princesses. She gets along with everybody - well, maybe except Jane.
Full Name: Margaret Mildred Kittredge
Age: 7
Likes: My Little Pony, Disney Princesses, playing dress-up, daydreaming, and inventing.
Dislikes: Being little (when people don't value her opinion just because she's little, when she is not allowed to do things because she is little, etc.), mal-tempered cats, and having Mia as a roommate.

Caroline is the dancer in the family - she absolutely loves ballet. She also likes to make new friends and listen to music on her iPod. However, being one of the oldest, it is also her job to help make sure everything runs smoothly in the house - something that can be quite difficult at times. 
Full Name: Caroline Elwing Abbott
Age: 14
Likes: Ballet, making new friends, her iPod, slumber parties, cats, Pentatonix, Superfruit, SoundCloud, and YouTube.
Dislikes: Messy hair, having Mia as a roommate, not being able to get a routine right, and judgmental people.

Merrick has a passion for the community. They love helping others through programs such as Habitat for Humanity and Special Olympics. They also love science and may become a biologist one day. Merrick is genderqueer and identifies as about 50% female, 30% neutral, and 20% male. They prefer the pronouns they/them/their/etc. They're also pansexual.
Full Name: Merrick Luna Celebrindal
Age: 15
Likes: Being organized, Sudoku, jewelry, summer, helping others, Panic! at the Disco, and Hozier.
Dislikes: Itchy clothing, tangly hair, hard cookies, disorganized people, and pushy people.

Isabelle is the most creative one in the family - she's always scrapbooking, journaling, or more! She is also very shy, and it takes a long time for her to become totally comfortably talking to new people. Her passion is photography, and she wants to be famous photographer one day.
Full Name: Isabelle Tiffany Palmer
Age: 9
Likes: Scrapbooking, sequins, acting, Sabrina Carpenter, Rowan Blanchard, and Disney Channel.
Dislikes: People who aren't supportive, being shy, and broccolini.

Rowena is a slim-bodied Carpatina doll, and although she isn't a member of the doll family, she is a time + space traveler who comes and visits frequently. Her native time and space - and where she is the most - is the fantasy kingdom of Suibhen, of which she is the princess. Her father, the King, however, is deathly ill, and so she must try to run the country in his stead while preventing the other ambitious nobles from getting their claws on her father and the kingship.
Full name: Rowena Saorlaith Arthairne
Age: 19
Likes: Blossoming flowers, bright colors, the wind in her hair, laughing, and elegant castles.
Dislikes: Have to deal with the royal court, maintaining her curls, spills + messes, and when things don't go according to plan.


  1. Hey ellie! I love your dolls. Please check out and maybe even follow my blog- thanks!!

  2. Me and Mia are practically one and the same. Jus' sayin'. ;)
    ~ Suzy

  3. Hi Ellie! I absolutely LOVE all your dolls! Kirsten + Isabelle (in their character) are literally...ME!:) <3

  4. I'm proud of Julie. Now if only she hated Justin Bieber too...

  5. I like how you made two of your dolls openly gay and bi. I haven't seen that before, and I think it's cool!

    1. Thank you! I know Maddie @ dollsonmymind has one bi doll, but other than that I haven't seen any others either. :)
      xD I'm proud of her too.

      - Ellie

    2. A lot of people here where I live would be very mad, as they do not agree w/this, but I am an outcast in many ways, this just one. I hate it when I have to leave my room, filled with fiction books and a few biographies, but those are the most nonfiction I usually read. 5th grade is killing me!

    3. That's just wrong!!! WHY WOULD YOU MAKE YOUR DOLLS OPENLY GAY!!! Its okay for humans, but dolls? Just no.

    4. I make my dolls LGBTQ+ for what I assume is the same reason AG offers dolls of different skin colors, dolls with hearing aids, wheelchairs for dolls, etc - to try showing young children that people who may look or be different than you are still worthy of the same respect as those who are more similar to you. The earlier we start demonstrating this, the more tolerant the aforementioned children will hopefully be as they get older! :)

      - Ellie

    5. Anonymous, dolls are really just tiny, inanimate humans.

  6. I like rowena , her profile picture is so pretty