Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Time Traveler's Portal - A Photo-Story

Hi, everyone! Today I have a photo-story for you (the second one I've ever done lmao) starring Rowena! I hope you enjoy :)


Princess Rowena Saorlaith Arthairne was very, very uncomfortable.

Small rocks dug into her back and hands as she sat up slowly, blinking and letting her curls fall behind her shoulders. What planet was she on now - and what year was it?

It had been her first time using the magic time + space portal, and she was afraid she hadn't come out on right planet - or in the right time. This didn't look like 283 LB Ascelin at all.

Well, at least all she had to do was - oh, wait. Oh, no. Where was her portal???

Rowena looked around frantically. She appeared to have been flung far away from her time and space portal!

Oh, no, she thought. No, no, no, no, no. She had to be able to get back to her own time and planet!

Suddenly, she spotted two peculiar-looking people walking towards her. They appeared to be talking animatedly with each other, and Rowena felt a flare of hope - perhaps they knew where her portal was.

"Hail!" she called. waving her arms and beginning to walk in their general direction.

They gave her rather startled looks, but, after a bit of whispering, began making their way towards her also.

They met in the middle.


"Hello," said the braided girl politely.

"Hello," replied Rowena.

"Well, now that we're done with that," said the girl with freckles, "who are you cosplaying as?"

Rowena blinked. "What? I'm sorry, I don't know what that is. But - who I am is Rowena of Suibhan. On the planet Ytherfell," she added helpfully.

Freckles and Braid exchanged looks. Then:

"My name's Felicity," said the braided girl, "and this is Mia." Hesitantly, she added, "What do you mean - the planet Ytherfell?"

"Oh!" exclaimed Rowena, "I'm sorry, I should have explained. I'm a space and time traveler, you see. I'm from a different planet - and I expect a different time as well. This is my first time trying to time and space travel on my own, so I'm afraid I might have done it wrong. I can't find my portal anywhere - might you happen to know where it could be?"

"Oh!" exclaimed Mia. "That sounds like magic. We have a sister who practices magic - she's a witch!"

Rowena gasped. A witch? Witches were creatures of black magic, who sought to burn and destroy for the sake of destruction itself. "A witch?" she shrieked.

"Er, no!" interjected Felicity quickly. "It appears 'witch' here means something different than it does on your planet. Witches here are good."

Rowena lowered her arms, albeit hesitantly. 

"Let's find your portal," suggested Felicity. 

Rowena nodded. "Thank you."

The three set off through the park, searching high and low for Rowena's portal. She explained to them that it would reveal itself when they came across it - this was a built-in precaution that made thievery harder. As they walked, they also talked - Rowena explained what the different herbs they found were used for in healing and taught Felicity and Mia some Suibhani words. Mia was quite delighted to learn how to swear in another foreign language (she could already unleash several quite uncouth curses in Swedish, Icelandic, and Vietmanese), and Felicity told Rowena what life was like on Earth in 2016 AD.

Suddenly, Rowena yelled and pointed at a tree trunk they were passing. "There it is!"

Felicity and Mia looked at each other, then looked at the tree again. "I don't see it," said Mia.

"It is only visible to time and space travelers," explained Rowena.

"I'm so sorry you have to go," said Felicity. "Please, do come back and visit any time! We can introduce you to the rest of our sisters." Mia nodded agreement.

Rowena smiled cheerfully and went over to the tree. "Goodbye!" she called, waving. "I'll come and visit soon! Alzamir!" (This was the Suibhani word for 'farewell', and one of the words Rowena had taught Fel and Mia.)

"Alzamir!" replied Felicity and Mia, waving.

Rowena murmured some words, and a blue slit of light appeared, widening into a circle. Waving, Rowena stepped through, and the circle disappeared. There was now only a lichen-covered tree trunk where the princess had once been.

"I hope she comes again," said Mia, standing with her sister in the quiet. "She was really interesting, if odd."

"I agree," said Felicity. "I wonder if we could visit her on Ytherfell someday?" She looked up at the slowly darkening sky. "Come on, let's get home before dinner."

And they set off with the shadows lengthening behind them.


Did you like the story? If you could time or space travel anywhere, where would you go? Comment below, and have an awesome day. <3



  1. I love this story! If I could time travel I would go to the time of renaissance and the middle ages.

    1. Thank you! I would love those periods as well :) the dresses would be so awesome!

      - Ellie

    2. Yup they are!:) and you never know you could even meet a dragon

  2. I LOVED this story! The worldbuilding you had for Ytherfell was really cool, I really want to see more of Rowena and her world! Her interactions with the girls were really good, the story really held my attention and the dialogue was really realistic (Mia's knowledge of swear words though lol)
    I've got a time-space traveller character too—I've been doing Studies in Character with her and seriously it's so much fun, I am obsessed with that blog now thanks to you ;)


      (I know right isn't it cool??? You're welcome :) )

      - Ellie

    Rowena is absolutely gORGEOUS. You definitely picked a good doll, Ellie. :)
    And yes, please more photostories. Your photostories are always da best. <3
    ~ Suzy

  4. I enjoyed your story! You are a good story teller. :) I would definitely time travel to the future. It would be so interesting to see that. Oh and Rowena is absolutely beautiful!! <3

    ginnie /