Monday, January 25, 2016

AG Etsy Favorites

Hey young bloods! I was looking back through my old posts on my personal blog the other day when I spotted this one and thought, "Hey, why not do a sequel? There are always tons of amazing AG finds on Etsy!" So here it is. Enjoy :)

1. Black Skater Skirt with Polka Dot Shirt and Infinity Scarf by CircleCSewing

I love the color combo in this outfit, and the infinity scarf with the skater skirt make it ultra trendy!

2. Purple Black Bats Tee by SewFunDollClothes

I love the fun pattern and how subtly and effectively it's incorporated into the design! Plus, the colors are super pretty.

3. Feather Necklace by HerDollEssentials

I love the sweetness and simplicity of this necklace - and it's super inexpensive.

4. Navy Blue Skater Dress by TheGlamDoll

I love the simplicity of this and how it can so easily be dressed up or down!

5. Miniature Cinnamon Roll by KatiesCraftations

These look very realistic and so delicious! Yum!

Well, that's all for today! What AG items have you been loving from Etsy? Comment below, and have a lovely day. <3

{on the other side of reality}


  1. Cool post! I love all of those things, especially the skater dress! :)

  2. those cinnamon rolls look so good which is weird because a) they're not real and b) they're for dolls xD

    that feather necklace is so cute. like, do they have a human sized one?

    the skater dress looks so cute too.

    you have nice taste in doll clothes ;) xD


    1. I KNOW RIGHT!?!?!
      Hah same.
      Thank you!

      - Ellie

    My problem with etsy is that there is so much shit, like knitted things that don't even fit, and clothes that are just plain ugly. xD I can't wait to check out these shops!